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Once upon a time there was this gorgeous boy named Santo.

I swear my lawd he is too uuuuughhhh. I just wanna ughhh his ughhh and ughhhhh his ughhhhh til it falls off. 

So yeah he came up to me at school and was like, “you got a pencil I can borrow?” Hooooemylawd he wants the P !!!!! I gave him a pencil and he said. THANKS. I asked of a sheet of paper in return and he . Gave. It. To. Me . He DEFINITELY wants the P! 

So I was like im going to a party with fat stripers and he said yessss, YAS. I gave him the address .

I went home and put on a big shirt . With a thong and no bra. My hair was wet and wavy and I put on my ex’ssnapback backwards. I heard a doorbell ring. 

It was santooooooo. I lowkey gave him my address 

"Where the party at?" "Right hereeee" I rubbed my body seductively. I knew santo was into what he saw,. Sit right here, j said point to the chair in the kitchen. 

Santo looked a bit upset. I shouldve at least made some pop tarts. Oh well. 

I walked around in circles and whispering 10, 9, 8 ,

parents irritate me when they keep ppl from they kids 

lady: u a betch 

3 weeks latr 

me: where lady

mom: dk dc 

me: but yall bff 

mom: she called me a betch 

me: o can i call her imh

mom: NO did u nt hear me she called me a betch 

me: ok wat tht gotta do wth me